Commerce infrastructure for scaling sustainable food and fibre supply chains

Most agricultural supply chains are built on pushing farm produce to markets, resulting in various inefficiences. We enable demand-driven supply chains that integrate farmers into differentiated brand stories, faciliting commerce transactions along the chain.

    Everything you need to procure farm produce.

    Manage procurement contracts, from contracting right through to harvest settlement.

    Assist producers in building trusted profiles of their farming operations to make informed procurement, credit and insurance decisions.

    Simplify everyday business tasks.


    We talked about reporting in the section above but we needed three items here, so mentioning it one more time for posterity.


    We don’t offer this as part of our software but that statement is inarguably true. Accurate inventory tracking would help you for sure.


    This also isn’t actually a feature, it’s just some friendly advice. We definitely recommend that you do this, you’ll feel really organized and professional.

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    Good for anyone who is self-employed and just getting started.


    • Send 10 quotes and invoices
    • Connect up to 2 bank accounts
    • Track up to 15 expenses per month
    • Manual payroll support
    • Export up to 3 reports


    Perfect for small / medium sized businesses.


    • Send 25 quotes and invoices
    • Connect up to 5 bank accounts
    • Track up to 50 expenses per month
    • Automated payroll support
    • Export up to 12 reports
    • Bulk reconcile transactions
    • Track in multiple currencies


    For even the biggest enterprise companies.


    • Send unlimited quotes and invoices
    • Connect up to 15 bank accounts
    • Track up to 200 expenses per month
    • Automated payroll support
    • Export up to 25 reports, including TPS

    Frequently asked questions

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

      • Does TaxPal handle VAT?

        Well no, but if you move your company offshore you can probably ignore it.

      • Can I pay for my subscription via purchase order?

        Absolutely, we are happy to take your money in all forms.

      • How do I apply for a job at TaxPal?

        We only hire our customers, so subscribe for a minimum of 6 months and then let’s talk.

      • What was that testimonial about tax fraud all about?

        TaxPal is just a software application, ultimately your books are your responsibility.

      • TaxPal sounds horrible but why do I still feel compelled to purchase?

        This is the power of excellent visual design. You just can’t resist it, no matter how poorly it actually functions.

      • I found other companies called TaxPal, are you sure you can use this name?

        Honestly not sure at all. We haven’t actually incorporated or anything, we just thought it sounded cool and made this website.

      • How do you generate reports?

        You just tell us what data you need a report for, and we get our kids to create beautiful charts for you using only the finest crayons.

      • Can we expect more inventory features?

        In life it’s really better to never expect anything at all.

      • I lost my password, how do I get into my account?

        Send us an email and we will send you a copy of our latest password spreadsheet so you can find your information.